About Me

HySadity Boutique was founded by “HySadity.” The name was giving to me from the late great Minnesota legend Mr. Blue Ghost, from the group TaylorMade. Yes, I am and will always be the original! Imma Midwest kinda girl born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. By looking at me you would never be able to tell that, YES I am a mother of 8. I’ve never never looked my age but my trials, tribulations, and my struggles I’ve endured & survived through-out my life has a story untold. It has also held me back from becoming whim I really needed to be in this life! However it has made me the strong, confident determined, don’t take no bs, hustler I am today! I always strive to become better than yesterday. I’ve also come to realize I don’t fit society, society fits me! My vision within this boutique is to have affordable boutique clothing. I how it feels to walk into a boutique and see that one outfit that’s cute asf but $90👀😩 or the clothing material feels cheap!! Not really nothing you would wanna spend your money on right? I wanna have prices that ppl are comfortable with paying! Also bring nice quality clothing. So please drop reviews! Email me with suggestions…. Add me on Social Media and most importantly feel free to shop till you drop!